Friday, 18 April 2008

New York Comic Con!!!

Yes, I'll be there today (Friday). Hit me up if you can find me.

I got this idea from Julia Wertz's Fart Party, which if you haven't seen, please check out... It's silly and heartfelt at the same time.

Any way, it's a list of phrases that brought people to toppled idols... yes, the search engine gumbo:

"how to draw boobs"
"french big nose"
"how dinosaurs died"
"family guy cartoon fucking"
"the character of eggs"
"fuck nose cartoons and drawings"
"ways to make your nose look smaller in pictures"

Sorry to disappoint, searchers!!!

One things for sure, though: PEOPLE LOVE NOSES! and changing them!


Liz Baillie said...

Man I never get cool search engine stats like that! Mine are always my name, or a misspelling of my name, or the title of my comic. Seriously I never get ONE SINGLE interesting search engine stat!

Ambassador MAGMA said...

I'm jealous of Julia Wertz. She got FROG VAGINAS! AND frogs DON'T EVEN HAVE VAGINAS!

Thanks for checking it out!

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