Friday, 4 April 2008

I Mean Business!

Hey, what do you kids think about this as a business card. Nothing official, just something to hand out at the convention?


Aluguel de Computadores said...

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Ambassador MAGMA said...


I don't know Portuguese, but it sounds beautiful, even when typed!

Liz Baillie said...

I like the idea behind the design of this business card but I don't know if something like that is really appropriate for what you're advertising. I think a drawn image or at least something that showcases a drawing as part of the design might be a better fit. Though I do enjoy the design of this card on its own. You might also want to think about making your name more apparent since it's not totally obvious from this card that your full name is "Sabin Michael Calvert" - it seems like Sabin is maybe the company and Michael Calvert is your name. Otherwise the idea behind it is pretty cool!

Ambassador MAGMA said...

Yeah, I think it needs to be clearer... it's too cluttered in a way and too sparse in another.

I was thinking of making 'em for Stumptown, but more for need of stuff to put on my table than anything.

I think I might leave my full name out, even though that's the whole point of a business card!

Thanks for the input!

Thanks for checking it out!

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