Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Hello, Ruby Tuesday

So when I started doing Toppled Idols, it was for three reasons. The first was losing my sketchbook I'd had forever and never wanting that to happen again. Unless this host dies, I'm safe.

But the other two reasons were to get better at drawing and to draw every day.

And when I look at how much of my comic I've done so far, and how it's looking, I think that I'm achieving both those goals. I'm drawing every day, but way more hardcore than before. And I look at the picture above and smile. It's one of my favorites so far.

So enjoy... and you'll have to imagine what he's sayin'! I haven't broken out the Ames guide and I don't want any spoilers!


graham! said...

this one is so good!

(yr line weights are TYTE)

Ambassador MAGMA said...


now I gotta look up "line weights!..."


Thanks for checking it out!

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