Friday, 10 December 2010

Public Access

Long before the days of the internet, before the enlightened age, a box existed known as television. And on this box was a channel like no other, unique to every realm. It provided stimulus for over-smoked, under-Pringled youngsters like myself, and now that we live in an enlightened age, I can share with you all the weirdness and wonder of the world of PUBLIC ACCESS:

Obituary love the kids:

Ken Sander can't keep 'em down:

The incredible origin of the heart/peace sign:

Albuquerque's public access lets The Pepsi Generation do Tequila and Cracks in the Sidewalk perform Leatherworld:

That damn rogue helicopter pilot:

Goth poetry (watch for the "paws"):

CB Walker makes Andy Kaufman proud:

and lastly, never talk to a German hippy about politics (International edition):

We now return you to your regularly scheduled banality


Lightning Baltimore said...

Kudos to Ken Sanders for keeping his cool when getting those calls.

Helicopter guy, however, wtf? I hope he's now getting the medication he clearly needs.

Ambassador MAGMA said...

Yes! Watching all the prank calls on all these shows, it was just incredible how every single host managed to laugh it off or stay grounded.

Public access teaches you to stay true in the face of assholes, something we can all take a page from. Or at least laugh about tomorrow.

I miss all my VHS tapes full of this stuff!

Thanks for checking it out!

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