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Satanic Powers in Jamaican Hills

Although I've never been to Jamaica, I've heard tell it's a pretty rough place. A few Jamaican friends of mine have returned to visit friends/family there and felt completely terrified of going back. I'm not that worldly, so what do I know? Yes I love Lee Scratch Perry and have known to play The Congos more than a hundred times. In fact, the only music I've ever heard exported from the island of Jamaica is reggae, rocksteady, ska and early soul...

Imagine my surprise at this foul stench of crusty blackness that floated over the seas masked in a green ganja cloud only to vomit shrieks of Yoruban mythology in my ear! Yes, metal is not the first genre that comes to mind when you think of Jamaica. But how excited I was to discover that this wasn't some thrash, grind or death metal... and luckily wasn't what I feared would be some reggae-metalcore crossover! Nay, Orisha Shakpana not only plays metal, but black metal? Not only black metal but extremely lo-fi crusty black metal?

This one-man horde creates bedroom black metal in the style of VON, blasting his way through a loneliness I can only imagine. Being the only guy on an island that plays music like this makes you eight hundred times more awesome than a gaggle of pimply Norwegians rubbing their pasty fingers raw on the 666 string.

Lord Ifrit's project is (as far as I can tell) relying on the internet to spread the disease. So won't you help him please? Totally KVLT Jamaican Black Metal, why not pass the word?

What's that? You're wondering about the name? Oh wait, I'll wikipedia it for your lazy ass:

Ori literally means the head, but in spiritual matters is taken to mean an inner portion of the soul which determines personal destiny and success. Ase, which is also spelled “Axe,” “AxĂ©,” “Ashe,” or “Ache,” is the life-force which runs though all things, living and inanimate. Ashe is the power to make things happen.

In Dahomey mythology, Shakpana (or Sopono, Sakpata) is the divinity of smallpox. He inflicted insanity and disease on humans.

And still more:


random downlad blog with 2 songs:


Black_Kronstadt said...

As far as I know, the first picture isn't of Orisha Shakpana. It's another black metal artist from Africa (Malawi) called Rhanawa.

-Kindoki Studio- said...


Rhanawa. Is not a real band as far as I know. I believe that those "songs" on that myspace page were from another band (though much isn't known about this. Its only a guess).

As for this picture yes, it is Lord Ifrit of Orisha Shakpana.

It is rather disappoint to see so called "metalheads" bash his efforts because of the lo-fi production, and of course, his racial background which seems to be a rather spontaneous with "Black Metal" as well.

Ok, so we have established that the production of some of these songs are a bit horrible for your "average" Black Metal artist, or metal in general. So What?? Have people forgotten what the motives behind this genre of music (and this sub-genre of Metal) in general were founded upon?

Look at the godfather's of the most dominant sub-genres. e.g. Hellhammer & very early Bathory. They couldn't afford a perfect studio with perfect gear. So they did what they could and utilized what little equipment they could grasp. i.e. they did not give a FUCK about what they sounded like (trust me they were all well aware that they could not handle their instruments well and that they sounded like trash). Look at how far it got them!

Since the dawn of the mainstream metal realm, people have seemed to forgotten what true metal really is. Its not about who sounds the best (production wise) or who has the best guitar skills or any of that shit. Its about expressing yourself in every form and fashion without a care in the world. Motorhead were credited as "the worst band" at one point. Look at them now.

I'm NOT saying that metal must sound as though it was recorded in a bathroom somewhere in a Norwegian restaurant with a 10-watt Marshall amp. I'm only saying this: DO NOT criticize a band harshly because they unintentionally sound awful. Instead, put yourself in their shoes and envision their poor financial situations and struggles.

Also, most Caribbean islands such as Jamaica, do not import quality instruments and equipment for Metal, obviously. And if they do, the duties and taxes thrown on make them horribly expensive.

I would know this, I live in Barbados. And I know Lord Ifrit personally! In fact, he will be featured on my upcoming release around the end of this month or next month. I too have a solo project called CONRAD which focuses on the similar topics as Orisha Shakpana, but additional lyrical themes and additional concepts.

Not all of Orisha Shakpana's music sound the same as what people hear on the myspace. There has been some improvement over the years and there will be more also!

Here is one of the recent tracks:

Also, he does not publish the official fully mastered takes of his songs because of labels and people ripping him off in the past.

For those that want to explore the path of CONRAD. Visit these pages and look out for updates. (The official merch/distro store I run) (Interview) (Caribbean Metal Organization we run along with admins and bands from other Caribbean islands).

p.s. Thanks for the positive and honest reviews!

Saravá Exu Capa Preta!
Emdeka Anubis/CONRAD

Ambassador MAGMA said...

Thanks for all the info and setting the record straight.

Yes, for me true metal is not about production or even musicianship (although I appreciate it) it is about passion. I would rather listen to something recorded on a boombox than protooled to death. I don't fetishize lo-fi production but it is more often than not the mark of someone who gives a shit rather than some guitarded tech prodigy with money burning a hole in his tunic.

Hails and keep spreading the news!!!

Thanks for checking it out!

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