Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Marry Me, Glenn Beck!

Glenn Beck was losing his mind because gay marriage would lead to... POLYGAMY!!! He had wedding toppers, holding three in his hand and losing his mind. In my mind I thought: Wow, you finally figured out that MARRIAGE is BULLSHIT! That it makes absolutely NO sense to privilege certain relationships over others! It is a ridiculous and antiquated financial agreement and masking it in religious rhetoric only makes it sound even more ludicrous.

But he, of course, had the apocalypse in his Mormon mind... two women getting married could only spawn a Satanic being bent on destroying humanity in a new Sodom called San Francisco... which to him is a bad thing... I would absolutely vote for a Satanic being bent on destroying humanity... or wait is that Gavin Newsom? I need a chalk board to figure this out...

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