Saturday, 26 June 2010


I hope that in this time of recognition, you take a moment to seek out how you can fight oppression across the world. From the continual risk and murder of our beautiful transgendered women to the horrible torture of gay men in Iraq. The neo-colonialist "kill the gays" bill in Uganda to simple street harassment in your neighborhood.

The world needs your courage right now. Corporations don't.

Amnesty International LGBT Concerns

What Schools Can Do to Help LGBT Youth

Queer Peace International Resources & Links


Liz Baillie said...

I don't know why, but that juice sign made me laugh out loud. Is that one of yours?

Ambassador MAGMA said...

It is. All the stuff I put up here is mine. It seemed to be making people happy, but probably won't happen again next year...

Thanks for checking it out!

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