Thursday, 17 June 2010

Rabid Axeman Slaughtering

As the days get warmer, my listening habits change. I tend to enjoy the thrashier side of life. I don't want this to denigrate (and by that I mean elevate) into a music download blog. I do, however, want to share some great lost tunes with you...

French metal, like a fine Burgundy, ages extremely well. In fact the longer it ages, the greater it gets. As you may or may not know, I am a lover of all things French and metal, but that is really one of the few things French I love. France is a country that is passed over again and again, yet they have consistently maintained a great output of music since the 80s. It's created a great scene that's never been really put on the map, but never really ignored, which gives and gave these bands total freedom and drive without the option of selling out.

Mutilator, soon to be Mutilated, were a noisy, carnal thrash band that would trip lightly into the forgotten annals of death metal obscurity. This is a lo-fi demo ripped from a cassette, so don't expect some quadraphonic Dark Side of the Moon to come sonically exploding from your sound system. This is crusted-over thrash metal at a breakneck speed. It is also the best thing Mutilated or Mutilator or Mutilatabilitation by any other name ever did.

This demo is their only release under the moniker Mutilator, and it's called Omens of Dark Fate. The title is apt. Omens of Dark Fate gives visions of a future where the cabalistic Les L├ęgions Noires, S.V.E.S.T., Deathspell Omega, the completely unrelated M├╝tiilation, Blut Aus Nord, Eternal Majesty and a merde-load of other great bands I worship, all got big but never too big, in a scene that was notorious, but not like Swedish death metal, or Florida, or Norwegian black metal etc. etc. It is as though France's music scene was and is hiding in plain site, always there, always unseen. Anyway, this demo was a huge catalyst in developing these bands, this was France's Hellhammer.

Give it a listen and tell me all of your omens of dark fate... we'll discuss them over this 2003 merlot...




1. Omens of Dark Fate
2. Unholy Church
3. Wish My Death
4. Apocalyptic Warriors
5. Rabid Axeman Slaughtering
6. Cabalystic Cryptograms

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