Thursday, 22 January 2009

My Process

This is the first book I've worked on where I put all the pages up on my wall. I thought I'd share them with you (well, a few aren't shown). This has been a bit of an eye-opener as well as a curse. I am able to see how the story flows much better, especially throughout multiple pages, whereas before I thumbed through a folder filled with giant papers. It is sometimes hard to look at. Whenever I'm reading something like Batman Year 100 and I look up from Paul Pope's luscious brushes to my own stilted pen and brush sprawlings, it can be torturous and disheartening. It has pushed me forward in many ways and it has beat me down in others.

One of the most important things it has done is to make me think of comics in a whole new way. As they hang on my wall, like prehistoric wall paintings, they often lull me into a trance and force me to respect my own work. As completion nears; it will be hard to take them down. They will leave a space. An empty space with 28 pin-holes on my wall.

But I will replace them with something better.

It is a rough journey. It is heartbreaking very often. But if you break the heart of your demons first, they will wither and fade.

Although you can't see it now, some of these pages were once blank or merely penciled outlines. This was the stage that was the most daunting, but everything began to fill out, grow and develop like a polaroid, evolving into an alter to something bigger than myself. A humbling and inspiring act. This is art and it needs no justification or apology.

Thanks to everyone that helped inspire me along the way to this point.



graham! said...

hoooooly shit dude, this looks amazing! I like seeing it like this, when you're reading it as a book its far too easy to gloss over things that someone has agonized over for hours. This way you can really tell it is a force to be reckoned with. I was a little bummed that the picture was pixelly, but its nice to see it more abstractly and look at the layouts and transitions, which you always do so nicely ;-D i cant wait to see it! (especially that plane!)

Sabin said...

thanks! the plane is my favorite part... as well as a certain elbow... i can't wait to be finished. all these little details keep dragging on and on

Thanks for checking it out!

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