Thursday, 19 August 2010

NEO-INTEGRITY: Comics Edition

TimeOut New York just reviewed the Neo-Integrity show put together by Keith Mayerson. I got a mention in it, which is totally surreal. If I was in California I'd be "stoked" (and not just about the looming pot legalization that will turn it into the next Gomorrah...)

Check it out here:

Last paragraph:

Perhaps most tellingly for Mayerson’s project, a number of works seem equally at home in both the comics and art camps. The six ink drawings of Sabin Michael Calvert’s Gorgeous Clothed Flies (2009) combine obsessive renderings of tree bark, obscure charts and psychedelic epigrams to produce a compellingly quirky poetry, and Ray Sohn’s Spume of the Condors (2010) joins semiabstract outline drawing to collaged geometries in red, yellow and green in a five-panel burst of pictorial invention. Punctuated by discoveries like these, perusing the maze of Mayerson’s exhibition becomes akin to reading a great comic book, full of pleasure and surprises.

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