Friday, 20 August 2010

In the Glare of Burning Churches

Even Satanic hooligans practice good penmanship:

A few decades ago church burning was all the rage amongst long-haired hooligans with too much leftover Halloween make-up. While I don't condone arson on any level (that means you, Left Eye!) I also think all the backlash it created was ridiculous.

In Norway, some in the black metal community said it was stupid. How is it any more or less stupid than if it had happened by accident? If it was struck by lightning would you condemn nature?

God spoke to Moses through a burning bush.

Nobody wept for the bush.

People are too hung up on intent. An action is simply an action. Motive has become bigger than action. It's not what you do but why you do it. Why did you make this record? Why did you burn this place down? Why did you do anything today?

Stop blaming others and start thinking for yourself and yourselves. True art often happens spontaneously. You might even say, in "a flash." The unimaginative have to categorize and be told why it happened. Instead they should be asking what it means to them, to the world in itself.

Unchecked growth is called cancer. Nature needs the push and pull of growth and recedance to maintain balance. Humanity still can't learn. We work to eradicate cancer yet can't grasp the metaphors that art offers us.

Nobody wept for the cancer.

A Magnetar:

Destruction needs creation to destroy, and creation needs destruction to make space to create...

Nobody wept for the stars.

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