Thursday, 6 March 2008

Kiss, Kiss the Messenger's Lips

While I was drawing today (nearly finishing a page... just a little more whiting out and a little more lettering!!!) I listened to two really awesome interviews.

The first was on Indie Spinner Rack an
interview with Jeff Smith, whose Bone has influenced a generation of artists (ha!). I just got his new book RASL and the art is so beautiful. He's really got the art of comics down.

The second was on Inkstuds; interviewing Dave Sim. Dave Sim is one of the most controversial underground comic-book artists (which is saying a lot), well, at least in the world of underground comics. But say what you will about the guy, he made a 6,000 page story and is still going strong. He's been self-published as long as he's been published and his insight into publishing and working are really great. His new projects are polar opposites and will probably anger a lot of people.... but what's great art if it doesn't stir up some controversy?

Anwyways... just thought I'd spread some love.

On a completely unrelated note, Erykah Badu's album came out. I still don't have it but check out the cover... the artwork is some of the most beautiful I've seen in decades. I hope it comes out on vinyl cuz I'm a snob like that!

LOVE LXVE LOVE LXVE til tomorrow!

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