Thursday, 25 October 2007

IE Tease +

I couldn't resist posting more from Invisible Empire! I really like the way this panel turned out, in no small part to John K and his blog ALL KINDS OF STUFF. Check out his tutorial on wrinkles and Bugs to see the evolution of this panel.

It doesn't have quite as much space as I would like, but the general shape and movement makes me really happy. If you have any ideas on what should change design-wise, please leave a comment and let me know...


If you're into independent comics and haven't heard INDY SPINNER RACK, check it out. But more importantly look out for AWESOME, an anthology Charlito and Mr. Phil (the other one) put together with some really great stuff in it. A lot of the kids in it are on their way to being heavyweights (and some already are!). It's printed really nicely, allowing each comic its own look. It's a great deal (15 bucks for 208 pages and 60 contributors) and part of the sales go towards The Center for Cartoon Studies.

Check it out, check out their podcast at and keep watching the sky!

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