Tuesday, 12 October 2010

New York Comic Con

Comic Con was nuts, even more nuts than usual! It's such a weird con for me, but really inspiring in a way. It is soooo so diverse; it's cool to see all these people of every shape, size, gender and color all excited about different parts of one thing.

Oh yeah, and of course there were some incredible costumes! I've been trying to find pictures (with all the shutterbugs clogging the aisles, I have to wonder what went wrong?) but the few I've found are scant and uninspiring.

Deadpool was definitely the costume du-jour, although I saw a good amount of OLD SCHOOL Wonder Womans (Women?) walking around looking to pick a fight with Jim Lee (I saw one Wonder Woman with the new outfit on). It was fun, overwhelming and over-the-top nerd in every possible way.

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