Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Dave Sim vol. 3

So we've been dumping on the guy for his views. But please click on the picture below and see WHY we're spending so much time talking about his views. His art is incredible, especially his use of tone and shading (if you go back and look at early Cerebus, then Gerhard's backgrounds, then his stuff now, you may find where he may have picked up a thing or two).

This is from his new series, Glamorpuss. It is so bizarre, and just as polarizing among his fans as his worldview was among comics fans. In a nutshell, he redraws ads and pictures from women's fashion magazines and gives the history of photorealism in comics. Admittedly self-indulgent, but the history stuff is (at least for me) fascinating.

The polarization comes from doing these fashion spreads (replete with industry jokes, rants and send-ups) and studies of golden age photorealistic comics greats along with studies of their work. Check it out if you get a chance, it is puzzingly amazing and amazingly puzzling...

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