Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Party Like Me

Well, i won't be able to attend this swell event. I will be in albuquerque with the fam. BUT you should go in my place! Impersonate me, dance like me, yes, this is your chance to BE ME!!! live the dream... buy the anthology... it's great!


“World War 3 Illustrated” To PUBLISH Issue #40: “WHAT WE WANT”
WITH A RELEASE PARTY AT the soho gallery for digital art (sgda),
FRIDAY, 26, 2010 -FROM 8 PM - 11 PM

New York, NY (February 16, 2010) — World War 3 Illustrated, the Independent Comic Book Anthology Magazine Is Now in Its Fourth Decade of Publication. World War 3 Illustrated presents the “What We Want” comic issue! This latest 128-page anthology uses the power of comic books to ask for something radical: real proposals for building a better society.
Edited by Seth Tobocman, Rebecca Migdal, Susan Simensky Bietila, Carlo Quispe and Sandy Jimenez.

What’s in this issue:
While the ‘08 Presidential election is viewed by many of us in America as a turning point, it is uncertain what the ultimate outcome will be. The nation remains distressed, economically and ecologically in the aftermath of 28 years of right wing dominance in politics.
World War 3 illustrated asked that artists do more than just criticize things as they are:
WORLD WAR 3 ILLUSTRATED is responding with 128 pages of answers from comic book artists; exploring alternatives, making proposals for progress and offering ideas for a better world for all.

Featuring the work of:

Seth Tobocman, Sabrina Jones, Jennifer Camper, Rebecca Migdal, Paula Hewitt Amram, Susan Simensky Bietila, Carlo Quispe, Sandy Jimenez, FLY, Melissa Jameson, Colin Matthes, Eric Hadley, Jack Laughner, Erik Ruin, Ethan Heitner, Kate Evans, Katie Fricas, Michael Hew, Sabin Calvert, Zeph Fishlyn, Sylvan Migdal.

The SOHO GALLERY FOR DIGITAL ART Presents the Release Party for Issue #40 of World War 3 Illustrated!

Join us to celebrate the publication of the new issue with live performances by contributors at The SOHO Gallery for Digital Art on Friday, 26, 2010, -from 8pm-11 pm


138 Sullivan St. NYC , NY 10012
Tele: (212) 228-2810

Visit our new artists' blog, updated regularly with comics and events featuring the World War 3 Illustrated crew at

To see more art, animation and info about World War 3 illustrated magazine, its artists and history please visit:

Founded in 1980 by Seth Tobocman, Peter Kuper and Christoff Kolhoffer, World War 3 Illustrated is a labor of love, run by a collective of artists working with the unified goal of creating a home for political comics, graphics and stories. The rotating editorial board has included over the years Sabrina Jones, Scott Cunningham, Kevin Pyle, Nicole Schulman, Eric Drooker, Susan Wilmarth, Christopher Cardinale, Ryan Inzana, Paula Hewitt Amram, and Chuck Sperry among many others.


Reviewers, press inquiries can email us for .pdf review copies of the new issue

Phone: (917) 557-0260

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