Friday, 27 February 2009

They Sleep on a Bed of Comics!

WIRED Magazine has a new feature up called "Secret Lives of Comic Store Employees." It is very bi-coastally biased (biased-coastal?) but being in New York, you get the trifecta of Jim Hanley's, MidTown and Forbidden Planet... as well as Gary Panter's daughter in Brooklyn's Cosmic Comics (who is hilarious! Who knew?!). Since San Francisco is weirdly devoid of good comic book stores (Berkeley wins in that catagory... sorry, bro) except for Al's Comics (Al rocks, FYI!) they end up in San Diego and San Jose.

It was pretty funny, a little repetitive, but ultimately really sweet and reaffirming. Oh, and the winner? Gary Beuchler! Him and his girl have matching pajama bottoms and SLEEP ON A BED OF COMICS!


PS, on the right side is a link to an interview with Alan Moore about his new League of Extraordinary Gentlemen book... which I'm so excited about because this is the one with the 60s league in it! Yay!

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