Thursday, 19 February 2009

Rejected Font

I'm trying to design a font, which I've never (consciously) done before. It is for a tale relating to mythology, so I was going to use the Greek alphabet and sort of bastardize it into Roman characters. It didn't work at all... so I'm using the Etruscan alphabet.

That's where our letters originated, so I guess it makes more sense. Any way, I thought I'd share a sentence I wrote out in the rejected alphabet. You can see why I rejected it... it's a chore to read. I want it to be obscure looking, yet completely legible.

Nobody had a "G" in ancient times. It's a G thing...

And yes, I'm becoming a font dork.


MK Reed said...

I totally bought a book of fonts this week! Free Font Index, at the Strand for $30 with a cd of all the fonts on it! SO rad!

Ambassador MAGMA said...

Look for "Indie Fonts." I use it at work and it's worth more than its weight in gold. It has a CD too (but it is lost).

I never look for design books at the strand. There's so many shitty books and "Oooh, internet, whoa learn about the new world of CGI!" stuff... plus it's right next to the sweet, sweet comics... KAH-MIX... droooool...

Thanks for checking it out!

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