Saturday, 20 September 2008

Inking Blacks to Spot

Although this isn't the page posted below, it is inking of a page of finished pencilling. I'm trying to do something that terrifies me, but is suggested by most artists: inking the large patches of black before anything else.

I'm used to outlining, then shading, then filling the fields with a brush (or q-tip, I ain't gonna' front!) because the filling is kind of boring and easy. BUT most artists say to lay this down first, to see where it leads the eye on the page, and to really define the negative space onto the page.

This was taken from the new V magazine... a real disappointment, if you ask me! Anywhoo... here's to facing your fears!


Liz Baillie said...

Weird, I've never heard that before! Maybe I should try it!

graham! said...

I've never heard that either! Thanks for the expansion of knowledge
The final drawing looks really cool (i love the face shading), do you feel like it helped?

Ambassador MAGMA said...

Yeah, I think I read it in Drawn magazine or possibly The Comics Journal... it's a trick that I think only inkers use so that they can see where your eye is going to jump to on the page...

But! it's not done, yet!!!

I'm going to try it on a page, but I'm super nervous!

Thanks for checking it out!

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