Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Lydia Lunch

I'm not sure why this interview is so abruptly cut into segments, but there are a lot of pieces scattered on youtube. Almost like a puzzle.

It's amazing that she can still be so level-headed and unphased after being more or less a public performer for a few decades.

I picked this clip because it is SO true... we all know it, but it really helps to have someone say it out loud. You might not feel so all alone.

The rest of the interview is great, plus there's a 1983 and 1985(?) interview spliced together which is pretty inane but fun and you can also see how she's remained clear and intent on her art and some really bad early 80s fashion with bad early 80s interviewing.


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joseph delgado said...

oh shit, she is still alive!!! just kidding. been awhile since i have heard lydia lunch come across the airwaves, of course being in the middle of rural community, its not that likely---your blog is my escape from the mundanity---joseph

Thanks for checking it out!

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