Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Foreshortening the Face

Who wouldn't want to foreshorten a beautiful woman's face?

Hey, TOPPLED IDOLS is announcing its first CONTEST!!!

To celebrate ONE YEAR next month... whoever leaves the MOST comments this month wins a PRIZE!!! That's right, an 11 X 15 picture of WHATEVER YOU WANT!!! Truckstop lasciviousness, Octopi attacking Abe Lincoln, your teacher in an iron maiden (band or torture device!), Mark E Smith sober, whatever your imagination can muster... I WILL DRAW IT!!!

BUT, you have to leave the most comments in MAY!!!

And tell your friends... I need to beat my personal best of 500 peeps checking out Toppled Idols next month.

We created it
Let's take it over!!!
Whatever happened to the punk rock dream?



Liz Baillie said...

I am totally gonna win, haha.

Ambassador MAGMA said...

My money's on ya!

Anonymous said...

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Thanks for checking it out!

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