Monday, 5 May 2008

Back to Square One

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I've been really studying the basics of character and perspective.

AND Dave Sim's Glamourpuss, which is absolutely stunning.

I still have a long way to go... but Andrew Loomis and Preston Blair made the most helpful books on how to draw. Andrew Loomis' books are all out of print. Preston Blair's are desecrated due to copyright issues. It's as if there's a school of hidden knowledge that is being purposefully obscured.

To drive the point home, on free comic book day (aka best day ever!) I got a comic on how to draw. It had some really terrible examples in it that I would have followed if I didn't know better. Worse yet, it skips steps, which could only frustrate aspiring artists like myself.

Why are they giving away terrible advice while hiding anything helpful?

Thankfully the internet and public library have the information you require. It just takes a lot of work. But it's no wonder there's so much terrible art in the world... if this is the state of things...

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