Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Huntara !!!

So I've been watching old episodes of She-Ra (as opposed to the new episodes, right?) and saw this one starring "Huntara." I was blown away! She's this grey-skinned warrior from a warrior planet. Okay, whatever. But she has this husky black metal voice that is incredible, a platinum mohawk and a ponytail that looks like one huge dredlock. She also has something on her temple I can only assume is some weird astrological warrior planet space-lady mystical tattoo.

In a nutshell, she kicks ass!

It's unfortunate that the character designs are so great while the animation is, well, really stiff. There's some really nice animation of Imp earlier in the episode, as well as some perspective stuff that's fun, but She-Ra seems stuck in the second dimension, favoring awkward poses, slippery stiff legs and faces that refuse to show emotion.

Just think of how cool I would have been if I'd seen Huntara as a little kid. Hope for queer punks, husky lipstick lesbians, freaks, warriors, black metal lady vocalists, aliens, you name it.

I'm rambling way too much. Above is my portrait of Huntara, warts and all (actually I think I softened her up a little!) The horrible pose looks fake and the features seem weirdly placed... but I'm not a professional artist, so maybe I'm just messin' it up.

Huntara. Check her out. She's THE BOMB! I hope she's out there kicking bad-guy alien butt with other husky purple bikini wearing queer warrior freaks. Oh, and one last thing; she wears a ski-mask in her spaceship!!!

I think I know what your next Halloween costume will be!


Ambassador MAGMA said...

Oh, if you want to see the episode, it is up on youtube:

Search youtube for Huntara or click here for the love of pete!

Youtube = procrastinator's dream

graham! said...

woaah, i haven't seen character design that badass in many saturday morning cartoons. the skelton dude's assistant is pretty cool too. kind of like orko's sexy cousin.

SheRa and i must fight alone. That is the way of Silak warriors.

Her voice is like gravel and death. I'm in love!

Ambassador MAGMA said...

Spread Huntara love!!!

I still love Shadow Weaver... she's my girl. But Huntara, however brief her good graces, has me stomping!


Thanks for checking it out!

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