Friday, 29 January 2010

Holy Permeating Previews, Batman!

wHowdy, read-rabid rabble-rousers!

It's your friendly neighborhood ink slinger, here to let the secrets out that makes our tickers tick, our mountains moan and our cheeseburgers cheesy! Yes, it's preview time at the ol' creative coral, so saddle up your money bags and ride 'em all the way to the bank!

- Your pal,
"Mad" Marty Muckraker

World War 3 is being unleashed by Top Shelf this February! The perfect valentine's gift. See a preview HERE!

Not only are there pictures, but words as well! If you're one of those "always prepared" types, PRE-ORDER HERE! or just read all about it!

While you're down there... check out SAVINGS ACCOUNT. It is a great little story with purdy cool art. Since Big Numbers will never see the light of day... this is the closest you will get!

That's all for now, kids! Don't be a fool, stay in school!


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graham! said...

That's so cool Sabin! WW3 is always such an amazing collection of stories and art. Congratulations!!

Thanks for checking it out!

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