Monday, 3 August 2009

Half Calf Review

Here's a review of my story in the Awesome 2: Awesomer Anthology. You can buy it by clicking on the cover on the top left of the page. Proceeds go toward giving a CCS student a scholarship, so you're not JUST helping out a pair of filthy bums (which you are!)

It's from the Paper Dreams Production blog, where dude reviewed EVERY story in the anthology! Holy balls! AND he's reviewing the mini-comics, too! Now that's dedication!

Review #52: “HALF CALF” by Sabin Calvert

“Half Calf” uses the troupes of Greek mythology to tell a quick, yet heartwarming story with recognizable characters in two pages. This story of the Greek classic characters of the Minotaur, here being told his life story from an awkward childhood, and his tormenter from his school days, Medusa, accomplishes much with so little space.

The panel layouts are dense, but not over crowded giving the story weight while at the same time flowing very easy from panel to panel. The art itself uses a nice thin line to bring out details on most of the panels, but the styles within those panels changes. Some panels rely on well-formed characters while others fall into using symbols of accent culture to add to the visual and written narrative. A story where words and pictures accentuate each other in the most complimentary of ways.

From the heartaches of childhood, attempts at adult reconciliation, the desperation of loneliness, and the acceptance of life as it is, “Half Calf” does a tremendous job. To check out more work from Sabin Calvert go to

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