Friday, 3 April 2009

Seek and Destroy!

Ahoy webcomic aficionados! I found this really great tool that is insanely helpful! Have you ever remembered a webcomic that tickled your fancy or blew you and your mom away... only to try and find it again in vain, wasting hours clicking away the flesh on your fingers?

Here's the solution! A WEBCOMIC SEARCH ENGINE!

Actually, there are two. One is better than the other in that it has a full transcription... but it doesn't have a lot of webcomics indexed (because it relies on the rabid fans to translate each comic). The other has a ton of results, but feels a little clunky.

Oh No Robot is really great, but needs more people to transcribe the comics, which is really time consuming. BUT, what is really great is that if you have a webcomic, you can put their searchengine on your site and have it be site specific. Really good tool!

The other is called WordOwl and is much more thorough. Without it I wouldn't be able to find this xkcd comic which cracks me up. But it has less comics it searches.

My solution would be to use one or the other. They can be the Coke and Pepsi of webcomic search engines, battling endlessly for control of the UNIVERSE!!!

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