Thursday, 16 October 2008

What the Gay Gene Does

So this is totally off-topic. But really interesting none-the-less.


Although this report just focuses on men (WTF - no dykes in Samoa?) it's still a really interesting read, whether you agree with it or not. Basically this theory was floating around that gay people existed to help raise kids, rather than pop out kids like a tennis ball launcher.

Nobody could find any support for this argument... mostly because homophobia is so rampant that people distance themselves from them. But now there IS evidence of this in Samoa, outside of western culture.

The article also points out that being transgendered is still listed in the Psychiatric Association Handbook as "gen­der ident­ity dis­or­der." Can somebody please edit this typo? It's not the 19th century, in case you haven't noticed!

Although I don't know how useful this is, it is an interesting theory and I think should be used in adoption rights litigation. As times become more and more conservative, it's awesome that there's still people doing research like this.


Liz Baillie said...

That was interesting. Have you seen this? It's a really interesting article on transgender children. Unlike most articles on the topic, it actually covers a lot of different points of view and brings up a lot of interesting questions.

Ambassador MAGMA said...

Wow what a HUGE article! It was really good. What awesome parents!

If parents just let up and let boys and girls wear and play with whatever they wanted, they wouldn't have to worry about having to decide whether to give those blocking drugs (I'd never heard of those!) to their kids and realizing they'd screwed up.

But then I guess we'd live in a perfect world where everyone was free and snowballs would get the chills in hell and monkeys would fly out of my butt.

Thanks for getting me in to see all the awesome art the other day! Hey, do you want to go to the Brooklyn Museum some time? They have this Gilbert and George exhibit... I don't think I like their stuff but I want to see it. Maybe my mind will change or I'll figure out why I'm not so keen on it!

Brian D. said...

Yet another great song title: "No Dykes In Samoa".

Ambassador MAGMA said...

Ha ha!!! And we can get the Angry Samoans to cover it.

This must come to pass!

Thanks for checking it out!

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