Monday, 7 January 2008

In the Works

As you may have noticed, there was NO POST yesterday! Apparently "blogger" doesn't like Firefox or Camino anymore. I'm left to use Apple's Safari, which feels like it was made in caveman times (i.e. yesterday in computer speak). BUT it's all for the best, because I'm working on a super-secret project that I don't want to share anyway!!!

In other news, the Izzer; Indie Spinner Rack (if you don't know it by now, you will never never never know it) podcast extraordinaire, is polling for the best comics of 2007. I usually don't like end of the year lists, but here's what I said;

Britney Spears, best comic of 2007? Ay-Oh!

I'm not too terribly up-to-date on my comics... most of the stuff I read is really old! So I don't know if this is a good indication or not, but here's what I liked that came out in 2007;

Tank Girl by Alan Martin... and yes, drawn by Ashley Wood. Very different, but I love Ashley Wood's art! It fits perfectly, but it's strange seeing the world without a detailed clutter. I still loved it (I think the run is done?) It's what comics should be; fun.

My Brain Hurts by Liz Baillie reminded me why I got into making comics to begin with. I used to fawn over crazy, queer zines I would get in the mail... and when I found out some of them were comics, I was in heaven. Awesome!

Picture Letters from the Commander in Chief by Tadamichi Kuribayashi -- Not really a comic, but letters with pictures. It reminded me of The Little Prince a lot and of Franz Kafka's America. Very beautiful and very sad. I haven't seen Letters from Iwo Jima...

New Tales of Old Palomar by Beto -- This began in 2006, but I think issues 2 and 3 came out this year. If there was a number 1, this would be it. The art is big and beautiful, the story reminds you of why you fell in love and rockets in the first place. So he also made Chance in Hell... I haven't read it, but it would probably be number 1 as well. Jaime is who I was initially drawn to as a kid... oh, I can't pick favorites. They're too complimentary. If you haven't seen any of the "new" L&Rs, check them out. But New Tales is printed like he deserves. LOVE

And finally, my last pick of 2007 isn't really out yet, but I got a preview of it on Free Comic Book Day (aka best day of the year?). Lynda Barry's What It Is comes out very soon. Ernie Pook's Comic isn't syndicated anymore (biggest retarded boner of 2007, fyfi). But you know what? The FCC said Rupert Murdoch can buy up all our newspapers, so I feel like it's a preemptive blessing in disguise. She's giving creative writing classes (who better?!!) and putting out this companion book very soon. I think if she ran for president, the world would be a much better place and there would be much more ice cream goin' around, I'll tell you that much.

In non-comics related news, Burger Boys, holy S! Best of 2007? I wish I could have seen it. The pictures were priceless!

And I guess that's it. You can already write in that my comic will be on the "best of 2008" list, since it's coming out on the 24th!!!

Thanks to you both!!!


Everyone's tops will be pooled together, waded through, drank, peed out and then read off on episode 105 or 106!

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