Monday, 3 December 2007

A Poodle, a Doodle and Be a Brit Different

In other news, BAClog 3: The Mock-Brit Music Issue came out! That was fast, you crazy kids! What are you on and why aren't you sharing? I read it and it's all fantastic. Sam Random's Supplication to St. Bono is amazing, Mark Gurarie's "The Solo that Saved the World" begs to be read aloud in your best cockney, "Fear and Loathing on the Bowery" by my good friend R. A. Tumas reminded me of something to detailed to talk about here, Calvin Matthews' "Keeping Up With the Cools" is awesome.

Look for it around Bushwick... or write to the addy at the end ot this;

The e-mail that was sent out:

So BAClog no.3: the mock brit music issue is now widely available in a few locations around Bushwick, Williamsburg, and Manhattan. It fits in your pocket without folding, creasing or bending, like a regular sized magazine that has somehow, magically been shrunken into a convenient smaller format. Our website, will have it, as well as no.2, the letters issue for your mouse clicking pleasure by the end of the week. Props go out to Kim Venable, for the fabulous cover design, as well as Mary Johnson for the creation of our very first BAClog(o). Props out to Lil' Lay-lay on the block, ya heard. In contrast to the arc of most rockers careers, the critics feel this issue is better than our early work. In addition, we are currently looking for benefactors and patrons, to help defray the costs of printing. Don't worry, our non-profit status is pending, you'll be able to write-off the $2 donation. We will gladly stuff your SASEs with any and all issues we have lying about here. Send correspondence of this sort to:

The BushwickArtistConsortium
475 Hart St. office #2
Brokeland, NY 11221

Our next issue, due out January 1, 2008 will be "the Future Obsolete," and we are welcoming submissions for it and all future editions. Send us gaelic prose, poetry, impressionist drawings, photos of polaroids, Mitt Romney's dirty underwear, cassettes, commodore 64s, and of course, laser-discs. Or just, something really, really good. Thank you all for letting us take you apart. Err, I mean, 'thank you for taking part.'

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