Sunday, 15 July 2007

So, since this is a blog, I suppose I should bitch or rave about some such thing going on in the world. Well, I don't have headphones for the time being and I hate reading standing up, so yesterday morning on the train I had the misfortune to stare at this monstrosity of design and "artwork:"

Now besides the fact that this movie seems like cultural appropriation and even worse, a shitty multimillion dollar blockbuster, the design of this poster is atrocious.

Artists work on posing, expression, and the flow of the basic elements composing the frame. Notice how the hair is whipping around in the background, while the photoshop added drool falls in perfect 90 degree angles? The poorly photoshopped teeth don't match up: the top canines have the perspective set from above and the bottom from below, making it look like her mouth is weirdly two-dimensional. The white background and font make it look like a medical TV show and the logline is shit out loud funny.

The photo is pretty good, but the elements added to it are scary... not the way they were intending to be. People work years to draw these things correctly, studying basic human forms just to pervert them into monsters. Somebody with an expensive computer thinks they can bypass all that and make something awesome with a cut and paste feature. I can't wait until computers start stringing together plots and writing novels.

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